At dirtoval.com our mission is to unite the RC Dirt Oval racing community for the benefit of all of the racers, manufacturers and track owners.  Started by Illinois racer Doug Carter in 1999 DODC was originally a forum based site that allowed racers and tracks from various regions to share info and helped to expand the community.  In 2002 Doug handed the reigns over to Craig Frase who initiated the DODC Nitro Tour which was a series of races throughout the country. The Nitro Tour only ran a few years but was instrumental in encouraging racers to travel beyond their local tracks to compete against other racers from around the US.

DODC was purchased by Custom Works in 2008 with the intent of using the forum as a foundation for a national rules package. Under the administration of Rob Cutman a rules committee made up of various track owners, series directors and manufacturers was established to help create the rules package that has resulted in the rules we have today. This rules package is used by virtually all major dirt oval racing events including the RC Chili Bowl, February Freeze, Midwest Dirt Oval Champs and West Coast Dirt Oval Champs. Several regional series such as the Tornado Alley Racing Association, King of Kansas City and Southern Clay Oval Racers also utilize the DODC rules.

In 2018 we now have a new and much improved DODC website that will continue to provide a solid foundation for rules while increasing the amount of info that is available to racers in one central location. We have added a track directory map that will list all dirt oval RC tracks around the US that are utilizing the DODC rules package for applicable classes. Along with that is an event calendar that racers can use to find out what DODC races are happening around them while race promotors can use it to help avoid schedule conflicts with nearby events. The new and improved forums are again available for racers and tracks to be able to share information about their events and racing in general.

If you are reading this then you already have in interest in RC Dirt Oval racing. Our hope is that you will use this website to help increase your knowledge, enthusiasm and participation in this hobby that we all love. With your help we can continue to make RC Dirt Oval racing a fun and enjoyable sport for all involved.

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