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Event date: 8/31/2018 - 9/1/2018 Export event

1st Annual Loose Dirt Oval Championships- Fountain Inn RC Complex - Fountain Inn, SC



Loose Dirt Championships Info

Thursday, August 30th- Open Practice 7-10

Friday, August 31st- Open Practice. Kids 7 second breakout, 6 second breakout, Stadium Trucks heats and main events.

Saturday, September 1st. Practice from 3-6. Track prep, drivers meeting, first round of heats.

B4 Late Model- Same as weekly rules. Batteries, tires, gear, etc. Customworks Street Trac with tread recommended.

Mudboss- Same tire rule and rules as weekly racing.

17.5 Sprint- Same rules as weekly racing. Tires, etc..

17.5 Late Model- OPEN RUBBER TIRE. All other weekly rules apply.

Mod Sprint- Open Tire. Open everything. Put your big boy britches on.

2wd and 4wd Buggy- OPEN Tires, motor and battery rule is no bigger than 2 cell 50c.

Nitro Buggy- OPEN

Short Course Late Model- $300 guaranteed purse. 1st- $150 2nd- $75 3rd- $50 TQ- $25. Open motor and battery. Open tires.

One thing I didn't want to do, is alienate drivers from our area. Loose dirt isn't popular around here and the last thing I was going to do is ask folks to buy a bunch of stuff for one race or until I get time to finish the other one. The main track is a 2nd full time job for the time being.

The track isn't going to have 4 inches of loose dirt. The track will be punched and drug just as a normal race. It wont be packed or rolled in as we do on regular race nights. I'm open to anything and will try whatever I can to do something different. I will take what I learn from practice on Thursday and the few classes racing on Friday and put that towards Saturday.

There is NO additional entry fees from a regular race night either.

All info for this weekends race will be posted Thursday.

Hero or Zero. I'm going for it. Thanks RS Senter for the design and help getting this figured out.




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