These are the pioneers that helped make Dirt Oval R/C Racing what it is today. We honor these individuals for all their contributions.
Roy Moody

Roy Moody

Monee, Illinois 1928-2008

Owner: Monee RC Raceway -Oldest Indoor Dirt Oval in the Country - Nitro and Electric Racing

Owner and designer of Moody Automotive 1/8th Scale Gas Sprint Car




Roy Moody is an Icon in the history or RC racing in general, not just dirt oval racing which was his passion. He carried ROAR membership card #2 until the day he died and was without a doubt one of the true pioneers of RC racing. Here is a wonderful video of the first ever ROAR Nationals in 1967: https://youtu.be/fI4RnN_90MY  you will see Roy at the end during the Trophy presentation.RC racing in general would have looked much different without Roy's involvement and we all owe a special thanks to Roy for the ingenuity and passion he brought to the hobby he loved so much.

Upon Roy's death In January of 2008, Doug Carter the Founder of DirtOval.com had this to say about what Roy meant to him and his love for the hobby:

This past weekend was the 16th running of the Big G.O. event in Monee, Illinois, run by Roy Moody. It was a nitro dirt oval race that has been a fixture in the Midwest for quite some time, run at an indoor track that is known nationally by dirt oval racers. A three-day event with a typically great turnout. At the conclusion of Saturday's day of qualifying in which the owner of the track participated and greeted racers as he usually did, heading to a restaurant for dinner, Roy had a massive heart attack and passed away later that night. He was 81 years old, and raced right up to his very last day. The races continued unfettered on Sunday, because Roy wouldn't have let the races stop if it were up to him.

Some of you may or may not know who Roy Moody is, but for many of us, we owe much of this hobby to him. I've known Roy since 1983, when as a skinny little kid, met him at a Chicago-area gas car race as a friend of my fathers. Roy is a pioneer in R/C racing, carrying ROAR membership card #2 right up until the end.

For you electric racers, you owe Roy a lot more than you know. As the story goes, in 1974 he converted a Jerobee gas car to electric and ran it at the Nationals as a demonstration of electric power. Gene Husting from Associated and several others were so impressed that they set out to build 1/12th electic cars for the public. After that came off-road and you know the rest of the story.

Since then, Roy owned Moody Automotive which produced the fairly famous Moody American 1/8th gas sprint cars as well as the sprint car plans and drawings that were sold in RCCA for many years in the 80s. Roy also owned Monee R/C Raceway in Monee, Illinois for the last 17 years—one of the single oldest standing R/C-only facilities in the U.S. today.

Roy was a friend of mine for over 25 years, and has influenced my life in more ways that I can express in words. He was a fore-father of R/C car racing, and a pioneer of dirt oval R/C racing period. The first R/C car I ever saw was one of Roy's gas cars, and he was largely responsible for the majority of my life around R/C race cars, in general. He's the reason I built DirtOval.com in 1999, and why it still stands today.

I still feel like I was kicked in the gut after hearing the news of Roy's passing, and I know there are many others out there who feel the same. I wanted to let those of you who knew Roy know what happened, and those of you who didn't know who really was responsible for a lot of this wonderful hobby.

Speedy travels, old friend.

Doug Carter

Founder - Dirtoval.com